Saturday, November 14, 2009

Can someone give me alink leading to one of these?

They're called Bougainvilleas if i spelled it right.i'm thinking about buying one.

Can someone give me alink leading to one of these?
Reply:Well, I cant seem to find any good links to it either.

Bogenvilla is an annual in most places except for zones 8-10.

That would be like southern California or Arizona. Here in north Georgia, we treat them like an annual. They are quite remarkable. They are stunning in full bloom. They like lots of sun. Dont let them get totally dry in summer, but they are pretty tough.

Fertilize them every other week with Miracle grow to keep them looking good.

Good luck!
Reply:google's got gobs!!..

clik on the IMAGE link, too!.. wowser!!!


Flowergirl flowers??

Im looking for a type of flower or petal (fresh or dried) that will not just flop onto the aisle, but will catch the wind and spin, twirl, or flutter lightly down to the ground. Any ideas?? I heard bougainvillea dried petals float a bit...are there any others?

Flowergirl flowers??
I have a few ideas...

If the flower girl is old enough (and coordinated enough) why not do a twist on the going away bubbles - instead have her (and guests on the edge of the aisle) blow tiny bubbles down the aisle?

Find some pretty origami paper or even pretty scrapbook paper or whatever (could even be foil on one side) and make lots of origami "helicopters"

I don't know if you could buy real "helicopters" (maple seeds) but if so you might be able to very lightly hit them with metallic spray paint so they glitter to the ground

How about feathers???

Also, I think flower petals will float better if she tosses them up into the air instead of just dropping them.

I'll keep thinking!

EDIT: another idea - confetti - the kind made out of tissue floats - the smaller the piece the better. This website even has a kind that will disintigrate as soon as water hits it, so you won't even have to clean up the beach after!!!
Reply:ooooooooo check with the venue first! If they have carpet, you may need to put a runner down if you hadn't planned to already...some don't even allow flower petals to be thrown, but instead request that your flower girls just hold boquets.

my sister did rose petals, and they STAINED their carpet - she got charged a ton of money for the cleanup...

as far as petals, if it is a go - stop in at your local florist - they can show you samples of different kinds.
Reply:What about Cherry Blossoms or Apple Blossoms?

White Oleander?


Whole Pansies?
Reply:fresh is always better.
Reply:Instead of fresh, or dried we opted for the fake satin rose petals, they look very nice, and they seem to be thin , and flowy. Also, I won't have a big mess afterward. Wal-mart sells them by the box for pretty cheap.

Which color looks best on light-skinned brunettes (see link)?

Out of the following colors (see color swatches in the link) - teal green, autumn orange, or bougainvillea?

I want to get some new tops for fall, but I'm not too into the colors they have out this year. I usually stick to light pink and various shades of green (I have hazel eyes). Which of the above choices do you think would look good on someone with light skin and dark brown hair?

Which color looks best on light-skinned brunettes (see link)?
The orange! It is bright and would look great for the fall.
Reply:The Orange one.
Reply:bougainvillea its a pretty color
Reply:The orange one would look best on you.
Reply:i say they would both look cute you just have to rock whatever your wearing!!!!!!!!!
Reply:Personally, I liked the pinkish one. But for fall, orange would go perfectly! You just go with what you feel.
Reply:teal green
Reply:everything but the black and wine color. they would all look great.

Plant food?

I have just bought a Bougainvillea - the advice on the BBC gardening website is to 'provide a high nitrogen feed when it comes into growth, followed by a high potash feed when the buds appear'. Can you tell me what is a high nitrogen feed and what is a high potash feed please - for example, can you give me any brand names or types of fertiliser that provide these nutrients please?

Plant food?
firstly to explain plant food. on the packets of fertiliser you will find the letters n p k.these indicate n for nitrogen. p for phosphoric acid and k for potisium.the letter k is the greek word for potasium and is used to stop any confusion by using two letter p.

nitrogen promotets the leaf growth.

phosphoric acid promotes strong root growth.

potasium promotes the strenght of the plant and colour plus fruit ropening.

a good sourse of nitrogen is nitro-chalk as a chemical fertiliser or dried blood an organic form.

potasium is usualy found as sulphate of potash.

aply as the intructions on the packets.
Reply:Miracle-Gro makes a great product that contains a high nitrogen content and also the pot ash needed to sustain buds. If you look at the ingredients in plant food you will see the following number system: 25-1-12. The first number is the level of nitrogen and the last is the level of pot ash. So look for thsi set of numbers to determine the product you need. Good Luck
Reply:When you go to your local garden centre/nursery go to the chemical department and pick up a box and it will have an analysis on it NPK.

N = Nitrogen, P = Phosphate %26amp; K = Potash; followed by trace elements.

For Bouganvillea's personally I would use CHEMPAK Clematis Food as this is designed for all types of climbing plants including Bouganvillea's.

If you want to follow the BBC's advice and feed with a specialist feed then use Chempak No. 2 for Growth and Chempak No. 4 for Flowering.

I hope this helps,

Reply:Stay away from Miracle Gro.

For high nitrogen, get blood meal or fish emulsion. Potash comes in a bag labeled as such. You will find all you need at your local nursery
Reply:Any good compost should have sufficient nitrogen, if not then add some Miracle-gro, or a basic lawn feed, or diluted urine.

For potash - any tomato food or Phostrogen.
Reply:DON'T use Miracle Gro. It's killed most of the seedlings (tomatoes, radish etc) in my garden and killed all my strawberries. They all turned brown and shrivelled after I watered them with the stuff. I even rinsed the stuff off the leaves straight after, but they still died.

Is it time to prune in Sydney,Aus?

Is it the right time of year to give the garden a good prune.I live in Sydney Australia so it is the middle of winter and we have just had an extreme cold spell with frost which is very rare here.

The main plants I have to prune are:

%26gt;Plumbago %26gt;Pelargonium

%26gt;Japanese Spindle Tree

%26gt;Lantana %26gt;Rose vine and Climbing Rose

%26gt;Rose Bush %26gt;Viburnum

%26gt;Bougainvillea %26gt;Leyland Cypress

%26gt;Murraya %26gt;Potato Vine

%26gt;Camelia %26gt;Jasmine

Is it time to prune in Sydney,Aus?
I am from Sydney, and it is time now to cut down your plants, on't be afraid to cut them down, it will not hurt them and they will grow better than before in a couple of months. If you are worried, get hold of Better Homes and Gardens site and ask the question

Reply:Not much help to you but i remember Don Bourke saying to prune roses in april %26amp; july %26amp; i have a plumbago %26amp; i pruned it a few weeks ago in brisbane %26amp; its looks ok but we are not as cold as sydney %26amp; i'm not sure myself
Reply:It's probably best to prune while the sap is flowing the least. Like now,


Is it okay to prune off-season?

I'm not sure what to do with the jasmine, limes tree etc all are blooming WAY far out on limbs poor things because they never got pruned. I went ahead and puruned the bougainvillea. Tips? Anyone? :-)

Is it okay to prune off-season?
Leave them be until next Fall and then go ahead and prune them. Pruning this time of year can cause harm to the plant.

I have been growing various plants, including fruit trees over the years and also have a friend that has a small farm with several fruit and nut trees and he agrees with me.

15 Rainforest Organisms?

I'm not sure which statement is true based on their characteristics (whether if they are consumers, producers, decomposers, carnoviors, herbivors, etc...)!

15 Organisms:

1. Dawn Bat

2. Wagler's Pit Viper

3. Toco Toucan

4. Slender Loris

5. Douc Langur

6. Silvery Gibbon

7. Scarlet Macaw

8. Incan Hummingbird

9. Bougainvillea

10. Luminous Mushroom

11. Linneaus's Sloth

12. Jaguar

13. Quetzal

14. Marmoset

15. Boa constrictor

Oh! if its a consumer or decomposer, include a list of what it "eats"

if its a producer include how it produces its food (photosynthetic or chemosynthetic).

15 Rainforest Organisms?
1. dawn bat: eats nectar, they are a consumer and a herbivore

2. waglers pit viper: many types of fish, small mice, rodents, and other kinds of meat things; consumer both

3. toco toucan: eats fruits, seeds, berries, insects, eggs, spiders, small snakes, and sometimes other small mammals; consumer both

4. slender loris:consumer; insects, slugs, young leaves, lizards, birds eggs, and other invertebrates both

5. douc langur: consumer: eats what ever a monkey eats,(I'm sry i couldn't find anything on it)both

6. silvery gibbon: consumer; fruits, flowers, leaves, and stems herbivore

7. scarlet macaw: consumer: herbivore: fruits, leaves, seeds, nuts, and berries

8. incan hummingbird: consumer, herbivore; nectar

9. bougainvillea: plant, doesn't eat, produces oxygen, pretty flower, photosynthesis

10. luminous mushroom: decompose, don't know, don't know

11. luminous sloth: consumer, sorry i don't know what that is (if its a sloth then it eats fruits, seeds, and that stuff) herbivore

12. jaguar: consumer; carnivore: wild horses, howler monkeys, injured animals, and sometimes wild pigs

13. quetzal: consumer:herbivore: fruits, seeds, and small lizards, or spiders

14. marmoset: consumer: herbivore: insects, fruits, an sugary nectar

15. boa constrictor: consumer, carnivore: eats mice, young snakes, birds, and small mammals

hope this help, it took me over an hour looking it up for you(good luck and pls take mine i worked hard for this answer)
Reply:yes they are all from the rainforest