Friday, November 13, 2009

How do I get my bougainvillea to bloom?

The plant is very healthy, with large green leaves, but no color. It gets plenty of sun.

How do I get my bougainvillea to bloom?
Please don't listen to the above advice as none of them have grown bougainvillea"s. If you want your plant to flower alot more, you have to stop giving it too much water. Yes this is right, bougainvillea's love to go dry. Do this and it will start to flower and no it won't die on you ok. Sure give it a drink, but don't over do it. Good luck
Reply:They don't need a lot of water. I wait until mine start to wilt. I also think the pruning works.
Reply:A few questions first;

It is outside? In not, put it there.

Is it in the ground or a pot? Ground stays wet longer. Pots dry out quicker.

Lots of water will make a Bougie big and green. Try watering only when it wilts. Might sound harsh. But that's how to get Bougainvilleas to bloom. And you could use a fertilizer like Miracle-Gro.

Good luck.
Reply:Give it some rose and bloom see if that helps. Instructions on package
Reply:certain of these verities just bloom when the days are short like spring and fall also they do not like attention no water and no talking too
Reply:Are you fertilizing it? If so, you may be over fertilizing it, causing it to grow but produce no blooms. If so cut back. If not, follow the recommendations of the people above me.

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